The O.G. Collection

Our debut design. The first ever Feva Sweat activewear

If you are wearing this collection. You will forever be a Feva Sweat O.G.

Inspired by

Timless style

We wanted to create fashion for everything.

Clothing that you can use in any situation or activity.

Activewear that never goes out of style.

Designed by

Our founder

Selina, our founder, designed this collection from scratch.

Her first design and debut launch of Feva Sweat consisted of these 3 staple pieces, the O.G. collection.

This collection will live on as vintage Feva.

Created by

Quality Fabric

Our activewear is limited to a black body fabric.

When building this small debut collection, we decided to go for one premium fabric, rather than multiple cheaper fabrics.

We chose quality over quantity. Our clothing reflects this choice.

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