About Us

Who Are We?

Feva Sweat started as an idea between friends- two young entrepreneurs both passionate about creating something unique. The business was born in London, UK as a tailor specialist for sports fashion; creating custom size activewear for women.

Our extensive knowledge gained from developing such specialised clothing lead us to extend our vision further.

Feva Sweat aims to challenge the problems with all clothing in the fitness industry. Bringing you clothing that allows you to move through your sporting endeavours without limitations.

Zero discomfort and complete confidence. Clothing that works as hard as you do.

We believe in the mindsets of athletes, we feel your determination and we want to help you achieve excellence! 

Our company mission; ‘allowing individuals to express their individuality and fuel their inner fire, encouraging their devotion to physical activity’. 


Committed To Sustainability 

All of our products are hand-crafted with premium quality Italian fabrics by our highly skilled in-house seamstresses in Spain and London.

The way we run our production is very special, we create the production after our customers have ordered what they want. This eliminates waste - allowing us to produce our activewear in a very sustainable manner.

All of our fabrics are sourced from our highly sustainable suppliers in Milan.

We operate in a slow fashion manner, we minimise wastage, CO2 emission and water pollution to protect our planet. On top of that, all of our employees have fair living wages and comfortable working conditions to ensure employee satisfaction and overall better production at Feva Sweat.

Our business operation and our long lasting, durable clothing, breaks away from fast-fashion and the negative impact it has on our environment.



Custom Tailoring



At Feva Sweat, we understand that every body is unique and beautiful in its own way - so why should the sizing of their clothes be the same?

We have created a place that foregoes judgement towards dress sizes, deterring from smalls, mediums and larges. A place where YOU can be size YOU!

Our custom fit experience is designed to help you find perfectly fitted activewear - leaving you feeling empowered, comfortable and more confident than ever. 

Email selina@fevaonline.com to Explore More about Custom Fit Clothing 




Selina Bagnulo: CEO, Founder

Selina Founded Feva Sweat in 2019 during her second year of university. Since then she has been working to create the Feva Sweat brand and community. 

"A place where we care. We care about our customers and the experience that they have when choosing Feva Sweat clothing - ensuring they find perfectly flattering activewear that ticks all of their boxes. We care about sustainability and the people who work for us. We care about going above and beyond - creating a space where our customers can access quality information in relation to fitness and health for FREE to help them be the best version of themselves. We care about being MORE than just activewear." - Selina Bagnulo 


About Selina 

"I was born in the beautiful city of Cape Town, SA. I spent my childhood and teenage years growing in the quaint Surrey, just outside of busy London, UK. I am now living by the beaches of sunny Spain. My family is super spread out over the globe which has made me a natural born traveller."

When I am not spending my time creating new products for Feva Sweat or giving personal training sessions to my wonderful clients, I am either in the gym or at the beach. Exercise is certainly my biggest passion in life. I am so grateful to be able to combine it with my work. 

Creating my business has been the most incredible journey. I have loved the success and the struggle equally. The growth I have made since I started has been astronomical and I cannot wait to see how much more myself and Feva Sweat will grow.

My goal is to make an impact in the industry, to stand out from the rest. To create a business that my customers can rely on. A business that brings them timeless products. A business that is honest, transparent and really gives them what they need.

I am proud to be the creator of Feva Sweat."